Hi there!   Thanks for stopping by to visit my website.

I am an aspiring Rubyist, Drupalist, Front and back end web developer making the transition from the IBM mainframe to an object oriented design world.


Drupal Jedi

I will be writing about things of interest to me and the many steps and missteps during this transition from Cobol to Ruby and beyond.

I hope you will follow along with me in this journey.



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Code for America

To me, this is what is so exciting about learning to code again.  Check out Code for America and get involved in a local brigade in your community.

MakerSquare-6 weeks

One of the lead instructors at MakerSquare gave us a lightning round recap of the things we have learned during the first six weeks of our immersion into web development. Ruby classes modules instances instance variables models views templates controllers mailers routes migrations databases model association git merge feature branches user auth hashes encryption rails […]