MakerSquare-6 weeks

One of the lead instructors at MakerSquare gave us a lightning round recap of the things we have learned during the first six weeks of our immersion into web development.

  1. Ruby
  2. classes
  3. modules
  4. instances
  5. instance variables
  6. models
  8. templates
  9. controllers
  10. mailers
  11. routes
  12. migrations
  13. databases
  14. model association
  15. git merge
  16. feature branches
  17. user auth
  18. hashes
  19. encryption
  20. rails
  21. javascript
  22. objects
  23. functions
  24. scopes
  25. function in scopes
  26. closure
  27. data encryption
  28. MVP-model, view, presenter
  29. templates
  30. events
  31. API
  32. Amazon S3
  33. CarrierWave
  34. Sessions
  35. Pry
  36. Debugger
  37. Forms
  38. jQuery
  39. CSS
  40. HTML
  41. HAML
  42. ERB
  43. Riot.JS
  44. Web Development
  45. Pair programming
  46. Pull requests
  47. Bootstrap
  48. Foundation
  49. Sinatra
  50. Inception
  51. Dreamscapes
  52. How to learn

Now if we can master the items listed in this picture, we will be well on our way!


We participated in our first ever hackathon.  My team built an social based application(TalentCrops) which was way more complex than anything we could realistically build in a weekend.  We didn’t know what we didn’t know so we forged ahead.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

I think one of things I have enjoyed the most so far in my experience is being a part of the community at MakerSquare. On Friday’s we dress up instead of dressing down and wear tie’s to the “office.”

I am very excited that we will have the opportunity to partner with some local non-profits for our final projects.

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