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Code for America

To me, this is what is so exciting about learning to code again.  Check out Code for America and get involved in a local brigade in your community.

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MakerSquare-6 weeks

One of the lead instructors at MakerSquare gave us a lightning round recap of the things we have learned during the first six weeks of our immersion into web development. Ruby classes modules instances instance variables models views templates controllers mailers routes migrations databases model association git merge feature branches user auth hashes encryption rails […]

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Can coding cure homelessness?

I read an interesting article on the other day that had an interesting title, “Learning to code can cure homelessness. A young man of 23 passes a homeless person everyday on his way to work and wonders if teaching this person to code could be a solution at least to this one person’s homelessness. […]

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Write code or else….

I stumbled onto a post on about why quantity should be your priority.  A young woman, Jennifer Dewalt  without any formal training,  or attending a coding bootcamp decided to commit to building 180 websites in 180 days. Not only did she have to build 180 websites in 180 days, but she committed to publishing […]

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DrupalCon comes to the aid of Oklahoma Tornado Victims

  I find this to be one of the best shifts that I have witnessed in the brief time that I have been learning about this vibrant open source community that exists across different languages and disciplines. I attended a DrupalCon in Denver last year and the thing that really resonated with me was the […]

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