Write code or else….

I stumbled onto a post on Medium.com about why quantity should be your priority. 

A young woman, Jennifer Dewalt  without any formal training,  or attending a coding bootcamp decided to commit to building 180 websites in 180 days.

Not only did she have to build 180 websites in 180 days, but she committed to publishing her code on github and to also write an accompanying blog post.

I thought that was not only a cool idea, but also an inspirational intention.

So I have made a commitment to write code every day for the next 365 days and to publish my code to Github and I also created an accountability partner to monitor my progress and the kicker is if I don’t meet my goal every week, I will have to donate money to a an organization that I can’t stand.   This may or not be finished code, but code will be pushed to Github every day.

My challenge starts on August 1 and runs for the next 365 days.  If you would like to follow along with my progress, encourage me or mock me, check out the following link. 


Always Be Coding!